Hi, I'm George 👋

I'm a product-oriented software engineer and problem solver. I'm currently helping founders build software products and bootstrap their company through Nero, my web3-focused dev agency.


Glow Stats

- A dashboard to view metrics related to the Glow Protocol

TypeScript, React, GraphQL, NextJS, Vercel

Stealth Startup

- AI-powered tools for code generation and debugging

Python, Go, Langchain, gRPC, OpenAI API


- Go linter to add trace IDs to logs

Go, AST, Analysis


- Open-source app for monitoring AWS Lambda

TypeScript, React, Node, DynamoDB, AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Alxndria DAO

- Research arm of Frens Capital investment fund

TypeScript, NextJS, React, Vercel

Webpack Generator

- No-code solution for creating a Webpack config file

JavaScript, React, Node, MongoDB


- Portfolio view for MetaMask crypto wallet

JavaScript, React, Ethers, ChartJS